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    • The professional staff at Michael W. Moran, P.C., will explain the criminal charges filed against you. And provide a clear and proven defense strategy to protect your legal rights. We deliver personal service and peace of mind to our clients.

Expert DUI, DWAI, & DUID Defense in Colorado Springs

  • Mike Moran earned the respect of Colorado Springs law enforcement personnel and prosecutors.  Your case outcome hinges on attention to detail and knowledge of investigative procedures and Colorado criminal law. Mike’s knowledge and experience has produced many courtroom victories for criminal clients throughout the state.  Contact our office if police arrest you for driving under the influence in the greater Colorado Springs area.
  • Colorado has some of the harshest criminal DUI statutes in the United States. In addition, criminal DUI cases are brought before the court faster than in other states.  This can put your liberty at stake before an effective defense strategy can be assembled.  You deserve the very best legal counsel by your side to represent you in traffic court. The path from arrest to incarceration is a grueling process paved with fear, uncertainty and doubt. The outcome of your case depends on selecting the right attorney that will protect your constitutional rights. We will provide the best options to keep your family, reputation, and career intact.
    • Former Municipal Court Judge Michael W. Moran will apply the full measure of his extensive legal training and expertise to each case.  He will conduct a complete investigation and seek dismissal of all charges against you. As an outstanding trial attorney and former Municipal Court Judge, Michael Moran has tried and won thousands of cases. Our legal team is trained to assist people who are facing criminal charges in the Colorado Springs area.
    • We have represented thousands of clients who are charged with criminal offenses in the greater Colorado Springs area. We know the stress a person is under when facing arrest or under investigation. Your freedom, family & future are at stake.  Call the leading criminal defense attorney and get the facts today.
    • The prosecuting attorney’s office will use the police report information to convict you. This is the time when you must have the most experienced and competent defense attorney that you can find. A lawyer that will punch holes into the police report and witness statements.
    • You deserve an attorney on your side to protect your legal rights against a legal system with unlimited resources and manpower. A lawyer who will fight on your behalf for the best possible resolution to your case. Avoid financial punishment and the possibility of jail or prison time.

Proven Criminal Defense Strategies

  • It’s a fact – no defense lawyer can guarantee the outcome of a case. Your chances of obtaining a favorable  case outcome increase having a attorney who commands respect from the prosecutor’s office. A DUI & criminal defense lawyer with the experience and jury trial success record in Colorado Springs.  We will guide you through these difficult moments in your life. Mike Moran is the logical choice to represent you if you are arrested for a felony or misdemeanor crime. A criminal record can continue to have negative effects after the case ends. Avoid a felony or misdemeanor conviction in Colorado.  Avoid a criminal conviction by contacting our office today.
  • We offer free consultations and case evaluations.  Contact us as soon if an arrest appears likely. We will  explain you legal options and answer any questions that you may have. Attorney Moran will treat your case as his own.  And fight on your behalf to ensure the most positive possible outcome to your legal situation.

When dealing with police, remember these important points:

  • You have the right to remain silent, use it. Trying to talk your way out of an arrest is a very bad idea.  When police feel that probable cause may exist to arrest exists, you will be questioned by police on the spot.  Police can concoct false statements and stories in a devious attempt to extract more evidence against you.   Don’t fall for the typical “We have a witness” lie.  Be polite and cooperative, but say nothing other than “I  want to speak to an attorney”. A felony or misdemeanor arrest is an intimidating and life-changing event. The entire Criminal Justice system is working against you and to convict and punish you as quickly as possible. Don’t help them by hoping that if you appear helpful when questioned that they will just let you go. Do not talk to anyone before you consult with an outstanding Criminal Defense Attorney if police arrest you.