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Your Teen Gets a Minor in Possession Charge – What Now?

WHAT IS A MIP CHARGE? A Colorado Minor In Possession (MIP) criminal charge is filed when a juvenile is found in possession of alcohol or drugs.   MIP charges often are a shocking surprise to unsuspecting parents who are sure their child is much too busy excelling academically to get involved with drugs, alcohol, and juvenile…


How Long Will A Colorado DUI Stay On Record?

Our office is often contacted by people inquiring as to how long a Colorado DUI conviction will stay on your driving record.  The answer is: FOREVER. Unlike a personal credit report where negative information automatically drops off your file after a number of years, a DUI or DWAI conviction in the state of Colorado is…


Colorado Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic Violence Law Facts For Colorado Understanding the domestic violence laws in the state of Colorado is difficult. In fact, the term “domestic violence” by itself does not describe a specific crime. In Colorado, domestic violence is used as a catch all term to describe a prosecutable offense between parties that have close ties. An…


Can Domestic Violence Charges Be Dismissed?

Contrary to what most people might think, the charges are not dismissed automatically against the alleged aggressor if the alleged victim decides not to press charges. For example, Colorado often appears near the top on the list of state’s that have the highest number of domestic violence charges filed each year. This designation is due…