Criminal Mischief Crimes Lawyer

Colorado Criminal Mischief Charges

criminalmischiefIn Colorado, criminal mischief charges can be misdemeanors filed in Municipal Court, or charged as a severe felony in District Court, depending on the alleged amount of property damage.

Criminal mischief charges result from the intentional destruction of property. The charge can be as simple as intentionally breaking another person’s telephone to intentionally damaging an automobile.

Generally, a felony criminal mischief violation involves damage or destruction of property in the amount of $1,000 or more. The potential penalties for criminal mischief range from a deferred sentence in a felony or misdemeanor case, to the potential for prison.

Sometimes, criminal mischief charges include a domestic violence tag.  This means that the property damaged or destroyed can be viewed as marital or community property.  If that is the case, criminal mischief charges with a domestic violence charge have greater penalties that affect your future.

Criminal mischief convictions may have long term effects on your employment, obtaining housing and, if domestic violence charges are included, may prohibit you from owning a weapon.  It is important to contact Mike Moran immediately to protect your rights and to position yourself for the best possible outcome.

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