Domestic Violence Defense

How Colorado Treats Domestic Violence Crimes

An arrest for one of the many crimes that fall under the “Domestic Violence” statues in Colorado differs greatly from similar charges in other states. Colorado revised domestic abuse statutes require:

  • Mandatory Arrest – Colorado Springs police are required to make an arrest of the accused if supporting probable cause evidence is present at the scene.
  • The accused will not be allowed to post bail until the alleged victim is informed of the arrest and given the opportunity to speak before the presiding magistrate at the arraignment for the accused. Domestic Violence Defense
  • Colorado is a “No-Drop” state – meaning that the alleged victim cannot refuse to press charges against the alleged perpetrator. Only the prosecuting attorney can elect to drop or dismiss the abuse charges after an arrest occurs.
  • Colorado criminal defense statues classify a broad array of criminal actions that fall under domestic violence.  Criminal acts such as assault, punishment, false imprisonment, intimidation, personal property damage and revenge will be charged as domestic abuse if the two people involved are in (or were previously in) an intimate relationship.

DV Charges Can Ruin Your Life

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Avoiding a conviction for domestic violence requires immediate action by a skilled lawyer on your behalf.  What is considered domestic abuse in Colorado is much different than in other states.

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