Drug Crimes

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Colorado Springs Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

The law firm Michael W. Moran, P.C. has many years of experience in defending criminal drug crime cases on both felony and misdemeanor levels across the state. As a skilled defense attorney, Mike protects your constitutional rights and works to secure the best possible outcome for you against drug charges.

Drug crimes include:

Drug trafficking
Drug possession
Intent to distribute Drugs
Drug distribution
Possession of drug paraphernalia

Some areas of Colorado statutes (such as legalization of marijuana for recreational use) have given the state a reputation as being rather lenient for on drug crimes like possession of controlled substances, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Our legal system defines drugs crimes as the illegal possession of a controlled substance.  Most crimes of this nature are charges as a felony ffense. On occasion, a drug charge scan be prosecuted as a misdemeanor crime. A felony drug charge may range from simple use of a controlled substance to distribution of a controlled substance. Felony violations of controlled substance statutes include:

* Possession of drugs
* Possession with intent to distribute drugs
* Prescription forgery or fraud to obtain drugs
* Possession of materials to manufacture drugs
* Possession of prescription drugs without a prescription

Drug Crimes include controlled substances:

* Methamphetamine
* Cocaine
* Ecstasy
* Heroin
* OxyContin
* Hallucinogens
* Prescription Drugs

If you or someone you know are arrested and charged with a drug crime, contact the highly experienced and effective defense lawyer at Michael W. Moran, P.C. today. Our office with thoroughly evaluate and research all Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure violations pertaining to your case. If your constitutional rights have been violated, any wrongdoing by the police will be punished and the evidence "suppressed".  If the evidence is suppressed it cannot be used against you at court or by the prosecutor while prosecuting you on a drug crime charge.

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